Doug's Testimony

We chose to keep our reservations in Gardiner. Man am I glad we did! We took a Wildlife adventure with Yellowstone Journeys LLC. Taking a guided tour gave us un-crowded access to the park for most of the journey. We saw:
1. A Grizzly bear
2. Bison (of course,)
3. Elk (of course)
4. Bighorn sheep
5. Mule deer
6. Pack of wild Wolves
7. Coyote
8. Yellow bellied Marmot
9. Uintah ground squirrels
10. Pelicans
11. Canadian Geese
12. Pronghorn
13. Black Bears (Cinnamon and black)
Our guide Nolan knew his history, knew his science and was willing to explain when asked a lot of questions (we have 3 boys). They fed us lunch, provided snacks and made the trip totally a life memorable experience. It is a family owned company, and now more than ever Gardiner needs tourism. I highly recommend staying in Gardiner and using Yellowstone adventures to give you a once in a lifetime tour since only the guides can access the Gardiner access now. Well worth the money and memories were made forever!!!!

-Doug D